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Quick Bio-

    Oliver Munday is a designer and illustrator.  He is from Washington, D.C. and still lives their now.  He is 25 years old.   Munday’s designs and illustrations include things being morph into other things.   While in school at the institute College of Art, Munday created a typeface out of plastic soldiers that he strategically set on fire and melted, producing an alphabetical army of the wounded and maimed. Munday is particularly attuned to his sense of social consciousness, he has also produced

Where's the reform in health care reform? Feature illustration for TIME magazine....another article on the struggles of health care reform.

 infogrpahics for Good, a promotional booklet for a women’s rehab center in Baltimore, and a poster

Golf & VanityIllustration for Golf Digest Magazine. The article reports on golfers' vanity as it relates to their handicap number.

Illustration for PRINT magainze. The article discussed copyright issues with the “Orphan Works Act.”

Cover comps for Bruno Mars via Atlantic Records.

Three-dimensional alphabet created from melted plastic army figures.

for and a poster for an Angela Davis lecture at MICA. Soon after graduating in 2007, he sent his portfolio to Nicholas Blechman, the art director of The New York Times Book Review.  He called him that night with an assignment.  Munday said “that changed everything for me.”   Since then he completed more than 50 illustrations for the Times.  His first book-jacket designs for such projects as a poetry book and an alternative history of the United States, will appear later this.  Munday’s work to date is elemental and immediately arresting, an approach that might have been inspired by his early life as a sports fan.  “In football,” he says, “the helmets were what drew me to a team. I like really graphic helmets, like the Cincinnati Bengals with their black stripes on orange.”

Some work-

    Oilver’s work has been recognized by many of the major design publications including Print, CMYK, TDC, Communcation Arts, STEP magazine’s 25 freshest minds in design, Young Gunz 7, and in 2010 was named as one of PRINT magazine’s “20 under 30,” in the new visual artiest issue.  He has worked  on Bruno Mars’s CD cover, AARP Magazine, Toytoa, IBM,  and Time.





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