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Project 4: Digital Typeface Design | 26 UPPERCASE letterforms


Journal assignment #6: The name game


The name is from a video game but I think it fits my style of font.  It was inspired by handwritten and bubbly fonts.  Scribblenauts is built off of Ac Rounded.  I used the brush stroke to create my scribbles and then the path tool to divide the shape and stroke.  Once I had my shape I squeezed the shape to create my own.  I attended to ad more scribbles to make it more my own and for consistency.  Scibblenauts promises to give each letter its own style and shape and together become a great sketcly font.

Journal Assignment #6: UPPERCASE sketches

I think I’m going with the seconded font because it has everything I wanted it is bubbly with a sketchy feel to it.  I know my sketch might not be to clear but the letter start off of with multiple lines becoming thicker, then into a solid color.  My second choice would be the first one because it has the sketchy aspect that I was inspired to do.

Project 3: Modifying Type | Courier

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