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Journal Assignment #1: Cool Typography

This image came from:  veer.com

I love the how the text is set in a playful manner.  What I like the most is the shapes the letter make kind of making a whole new font when stack up with each other.

This image came from: veer.com

This is a cleaver why to display for the website.  If you look closely you can see the strings that are holding up the balloons.

This image came from: walmart.com

I love the texture of the text. It’s fun and a new way to look at walmart.

This image came from: ilovetypography.com

When I was looking at this image I could not understand what it means but what I liked about it is the tiny text in the middle that reads what is truth. It is the only text that can be read.

This image came from: http://www.ilovetypography.com/

I love the text texture it really feels like fire.


The colors and the meaning of the post is fun and cleaver.  I love the guy holding up the poster kind of funny.  It really does make it more interesting.


This reads yummy.  The text has a great texture giving the food a little roughness  from soft center.


This image is called love I really do not read that, I feel nature’s beauty. I love how it makes the shapes of the flowers and you still read some of it.


This is great way to make text look like it is moving straight from the guys mouth.


This is great example of text with texture.  It really looks like it is still wet.


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